Reverse Engineering

HPT is one of the leading companies in the domain of reverse engineering service in Vietnam. We apply the best technology solutions with latest supporting softwares. Therefore, we ensure that our customers will have the best products – with the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

After receiving data from the 3D-scanning process (executed at our company, or provided by the customers), we apply the following process to produce a complete 3D model:




1.Using scanned 3D data:

Import scanned data (in polygon mesh or point cloud object) into the reverse software.

2.Region group:

Automatic segment mesh into many regions which have primitive geometry (plane, cylinder, etc.)


Allign an automatically extracted coordinate from mesh to the global coordinate.

4.Creating Features:

Use basic commands (Extrude, Revolve, etc.) for simple geometry objects, and advanced command for complex geometry objects.

5.Final3D Solid/Surface model:

Complete final reverse steps (Fillet, Chanmfer, etc.) to have complete 3D Solid / Surface model.

6.Accuracy analyzer:

The Accuracy Analyzer provides users with real time deviation analysis results based on user defined tolerances to ensure that the model is redesigned within allowable tolerances.

7.Export to Cad software:

Basing on the Cad software used by the customers, we export Cad data from our reverse software in the most compatible format which helps to minimize the potential problems during the file-converting process.



Parametric models with the Cad software on customer’s request:



Your company is using Catia, SolidWorks, Unigraphic, or Creo, etc., and you want to be able to edit the 3D file which we provided, exactly on the Cad software you are using?

To HPT, this is absolutely not a difficult matter. With our design engineers who mastered the use of many currently popular Cad softwares, we can satisfy all designing requirements on a single customer’s requested Cad software. The file’s structure, with logically-arranged commands and in a particular order, helps modify the design much easier than ever before.

Some Cad softwares can be parametrically reverse:

  • Catia
  • SolidWorks
  • Unigraphic
  • Pro Engineer (Creo)


Some models that have been already reversed in various softwares:



Motorbike head